When Is It Enough?

December 10th, 2008

Working on a few projects and finding it a little difficult to summon creative energy this week.  Maybe it’s the confluence of the holidays, school and everything that comes along with it.   The young one is home sick today.  I’m a little sick today as well, but not quite for the same reasons.  I must apologize in advance- this post is a little bit of a downer.   So instead of my usually sincere look at the wonderful world we live in, I will share a few thoughts about recent events in the mid-section of the nation this week.

It has something to do with reading about people who break the great trust placed in them to fulfill positions of leadership and service.  I’ve made it a point to avoid political discussion on the site thus far, but I have to say the news of corruption in the state adjoining ours is just, well… so disappointing.  Not that it should be news perhaps, especially in that state, but to read the words of someone who supposedly was elected in the first place to help clean up the vestiges of past corruption- it makes me angry … just sad.

 I don’t even follow politics that much, especially in other states.  After the recent election, I’ve really enjoyed the absence of campaign commercials and political wrangling between candidates.   Even for the most diehard idealists (company I find myself keeping at times), it’s hard not to grow a bit cynical over the years watching the political circus that takes place around the country.  

Yet at some level I would still like to think, or hope, or believe that most of our elected leaders, beyond all the glad-handing, baby-kissing and cocktail parties with lobbyists, will take their jobs- and their charter of service to the people- seriously enough to avoid breaking the law.   Unfortunately, in recent years, or at least by what we read in the news media, it would seem the opposite is closer to the truth.

I mean, come on- when is it enough?  When is the money, the prestige, the circus… when is it all enough?   Apparently that’s a question the Governor of Illinois never really considered before.

2 Responses to “When Is It Enough?”

  1. Ed Abbeyon 10 Dec 2008 at 12:09 pm

    It seems to me that the only honest politician can be found in the movies these days.

    Rod must not have been the brightest tool in the shed. When someone offers a senate seat up to the highest bidder illegally, you would have to believe that those runner-ups might be pissed enough to spill the beans to the law. How Rod couldn’t figure that one out is beyond me.

  2. Beauon 10 Dec 2008 at 9:08 pm

    It really is unbelieveable. Ah well, my rant for the day :)