January 3rd, 2007

 An interesting topic in that I spend a great deal of time reflecting on the nature of things… and often reflecting on the reflections in the pond!  So perhaps this category is titled “Reflections” not only for the beauty we see each day, but also for the meaning it presents in our lives… reflections of who we are, how we came to be in this ‘place’, and where we are headed on this grand adventure.

At Fox Haven it is winter yet, and for these months I have the opportunity to continue learning… but the daylight now lengthens, both too quickly as we enjoy the respite, and later- not quickly enough as we yearn for spring and warmth to touch the earth with the tools and engines of our human labor.  I see less sleep in my future… :)  Here are some Reflections from yesterday…

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5 Responses to “Reflections…”

  1. arlene

    Lenore sent me your sight. It was wonderful to be at Fox Haven for even a short period.. The stories and the pictures are beautiful. It sounds like you and your family are sooo enjoying it there. That’s a beautiful thing to resonate with your home. Sometimes we get to spend loads of time at our homes and other times it feels like we are on the go and only able to return to home to collapse. At any time, however, it should always feel comforting to the heart to be home. A place where we can always connect to God or to nature or to whatever is important to us. I would love to be kept updated on Fox Haven if you so feel that it is right. I have such fond memories of that parcel of land – being there with your mother and father – both whom I love so very much! Thank you for lifting my heart this a.m.
    Arlene Ahrens

  2. Hi Arlene! Glad you stopped by, and that you shared some of Fox Haven again. I like how you described the comfort of home. Your memories too are a part of this whole… Please feel welcome to always come by :)

  3. Arlene Ahrens

    Just saw your reply to my note.
    Thank you for making me feel welcome to your site. I will visit periodically then. Can’t wait to see that land as the spring creeps in. Is that a picture of your cat that I saw in the beginning? She is darling. Your puppy is great too. It’s just that I am a kitty lover. Take care.

  4. Jo

    Hello to all currently residing at Foxhaven (including all the critters) as well as those who have had the blessing of having visited the property. Your written and photographic reflections are lovely and inspiring. They bring such wonderful, heartfelt memories to mind. I know that your family is honored to be the current custodians, continuing the loving appreciation of the land and the inspiration it offers. Thank you so much for continuing to share it w/ me through this site until I can visit in person. (Don’t worry, I’ll call first!)
    Hugs until then!

  5. Hi Jo! Thanks for visiting- you are most welcome any time! Somehow I feel the collective memories wherever I am working each day. And sometimes the big nose of the friendly Basset gives me a gentle nudge to remind me he has been here longer… a buddy of the old caretaker as you well know, and he doesn’t let me forget it! :)

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