You’ve Been Flamingoed!

January 5th, 2007

“With what to my wondering eyes should appear, but eight…” pink flamingoes at the end of the driveway.  Flamingoes? Here? “Hmmm…” I remembered my thoughts yesterday, seeing those same flamingoes a half mile down the road on someone else’s driveway…

“They must be having a party… or something… but pink lawn flamingoes? Glad I’m not them!” 

So yes, naturally, this morning we were greeted with the same darn flamingoes that I was glad to not get.   Ah… but there’s a note tied to one of the suckers: It seems a young middleschooler in a nearby community is raising money… How enterprising! (I would have never thought of flamingoes…) 

You've Been Flamingoed!

With a little paper in a plastic sleeve, she describes her goal to raise money after being selected for a group traveling to Australia of all places.  Australia? Australia!  I love Australia!  What a great idea, using pink flamingoes.   Do they have those in Australia? Nevermind. After reading the paper I have few choices: Do nothing and risk continued stares from drivers passing by.  Pay a small lump sum and the flamingoes will be gone. Or… pay more money and I receive flamingo insurance? Not only are they gone, but they are guaranteed not to return!  That’s what I want- flamingo insurance! I wonder what other kind of lawn ornament insurance there is?  Maybe I better not give anyone ideas…

2 Responses to “You’ve Been Flamingoed!”

  1. havenmaven

    A lovely site to see. It’s nice to know there are some spots of beauty in MO as well as on the web. Great appeal, as well as interest.

    Flamingos, how very enterprising. Would like to learn the thought process of this, how he/she thought of the idea. A future advertising exec?

  2. Thanks! I don’t know how they thought of that idea, but her mother stated the trip was upwards of $6000 and they had been doing bake sales, garage sales and everything they could think of… people really had fun with the flamingo idea!

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