Labrador Puppy Training!

January 9th, 2007

The Beau of Fox Haven (my psuedonym!) is the most recent member of the family- a beautiful Yellow Labrador Retriever.  He is now 14 weeks, and doing wonderfully.  One of my many dreams since childhood, many realized, some forgotten- was to have a Lab as a companion.  More specifically that dream included training the pup as a working retriever, including duck hunting. 

I have found the training to be as challenging as anything I have ever done, both in terms of time and the patience and discipline to be consistent.  I have tremendous respect for those who have the skill and motivation to be successful with training animals.  So much have we learned together during this process, and I must admit the pup is learning despite my shortcomings! 

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What a gift to have such a wonderful animal be a part of our lives. His temperament is tremendous, and his energy is boundless as most other Labrador owners will attest.  It is hard to say how his training will evolve, and to what end. I suspect any limitations in his achievements will reflect the limitations of my own ability to work with him, and to that end we are starting a puppy class next week.  He shows tremendous promise, so perhaps we will also join a local retriever club and see what the future holds!

2 Responses to “Labrador Puppy Training!”

  1. He is getting sooo big, and cute, quite different from Kuma who looks so intent.
    I can’t wait to see a picture of Justin somewhere in there, and I hardly recognized Princess.
    Enjoyed the diversity, from technical to contemplative. Fairyellen

  2. Yes he’s growing so fast! And he is starting to feel his independence more, so it’s good we have a class starting up.

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