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January 10th, 2007

What a day… lots going on, and as a newbie WordPress user I feel like I’ve been drawn into a whirlpool of pluginmania. Hmmm… sounds like a good domain name for some able-bodied coder team, probably already is but I won’t check! Oh okay, just for grins I did check… Pluginmania.com does exist! Not updated. But I’m flabbergasted…(yes, I said that) about how many plug-ins are available… I keep thinking, “Would be nice if WordPress could…” and then I find a plugin somewhere that is pretty close. Yesterday WordPress announced a couple of new projects, Ideas and Kvetch! that could be neat for putting ideas together from collaborative sources, and for feedback- subtle or not, from the user experience. I don’t have a Kvetch! comment really… I think this whole thing is pretty cool. Like dog training, any limitations I find are mostly with me. Lots of ideas but I’d like to see some type of instant messenger beyond a link, etc. that could show the WP user is online with a way to connect to them if desired. I remember using Lotus Sametime (and here) in a networked environment with users all over the world… worked very well. Maybe GoogleTalk, or something Trillian-like for app integration? Using some type of IM for WP may not gain the user much beyond what various messenger apps can do now, but some type of cleaner integration, live comment interface, or collaborative comment interface (aka Sametime meeting room) would be nice- at least for WP users and bloggers! Have I just not seen it yet…?

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