Go Pup Go! Field Retrieve

January 22nd, 2007

The pup is almost 16 weeks old now… he’s an amazing and gentle Lab with a wonderful spirit.  We started a puppy class this week for general obedience… he’s way ahead of the class!  No testament to his owner… he’s just a calm and smart Labrador. He loves to play and train… and I try to keep training as play for him. I’m reading a ton of books on retriever training; Some are better than others, but The 10-Minute Retriever provides a great overview- concise yet very readable while showing how to succeed with training in “10 minutes a day”.

Friday he made his first “field retrieve” from taller grass.  May not look like much to us, but just weeks ago he could only see the throw bumper in shorter grass, nor did he use his nose.  But two days ago, he took off after the bumper where he saw it fall, ran full speed past and abruptly turned around using his nose to find it.  When he saw it he pounced!  Came running full speed back… he didn’t even slow down to give the thing to me!  Ah well, first things first huh?  He brought it back after, but I was pleased with his eagerness.

Now the training gets a little tougher- and his owner needs to study hard to keep him on the right track.  May take some advanced training classes too.  But in all, he’s a family dog.  I have no illusions of heavy field trials or double-blind retrieves from a boat… We’ll see how it goes this year, and if he retrieves consistently that’s about all I can ask.  He comes not from gritty hunting stock, but quality English Labrador genes with both show and field champions in the line.  I’m not an everyday hunter either; I’ll go when I can, but I love the experience of being outdoors more than anything… the seasons and changing weather… just being there is reason enough.  There is only so much time each season for all we love to do, at home and in the field.  The pup will have ample opportunity to show his stuff though, and I look forward to it!

Lab Pup Field Retrieve!

6 Responses to “Go Pup Go! Field Retrieve”

  1. havenmaven

    What a great shot of Beau retrieving, he actually looks like a stuffed toy!
    I enjoyed the new views too.

  2. He is a stuffed toy… with teeth! He’s teething now, so he tries to chew everything too!

  3. B

    OMG that is such an adorable pic

    very cute dog!

  4. I know this is an older post of yours but I had to go searching for your first post on your lab. He’s a beauty. Our first lab (nearly 30 years ago) was hunted over many times and dubbed ‘Wonder Dog’ by my husband. After losing our last lab a little over a year ago, we deemed we would have only our smaller Scotties under foot from here on. However, it just isn’t home without a lab in our house. This week we adopted a yellow lab rescue. We feel complete again. I will enjoy seeing yours grow.

  5. Lallee Spouse


    Wonder Dog (actually Super Dog) learned best by our making sure early on (from day 1) that nothing he puts in his mouth is his except his food. Anything else, it’s good boy bring it to me or whatever you use and take it from him. That way he learns that anything and I mean anything he picks up is to be brought to you. This got interesting when I returned from a business trip and had to accept my gift from him. A week dead rat he had caught, very aromatic and squishy but I kept to my rule. He was a great dog and is still missed dearly.

  6. Lallee and Spouse…. thanks so much for commenting! I’m so glad you mentioned about bringing things to me… I’ve been working so much with him, and he does great. I was trying at first to teach him to leave certain things alone, but gradually I’ve noticed he doesn’t grab or pick up things to chew and play with, as much as he WANTS to bring it to me. It dawned on me after some time that when I simply accept it from him, he’s happy. Too often I would respond with ‘No’ or something similar when he wanted to go grab something… but I’m going to take your words to heart. He does a great job thus far with retrieves, but I am still a novice with training… I only hope my lack of knowledge won’t hinder his nature. He’s amazing… I can’t bear the thought of sending him away to “school” to be trained by someone else for a month+. I’m going to give it my best, and work with him. I wanted this dog for over 30 years, and after being with him just 5 months he feels like a best friend. It must have been hard to lose ‘Wonder Dog’… I wish you the best with your new lab- And I appreciate your thoughts very much!

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