10 Things to Know about WordPress in 2020

January 25th, 2007

Updated for 2020. 

Beginning in 2003,  WordPress now commands nearly 40% of the published webspace for everything from self-authored blogs and niche sites, to galleries, forums, shopping and advertising sites, and so much more through an amazing range of creative business and media organizations. 

Here are my 10 Things to Know about WordPress:

  1.  WordPress has revolutionized self-published content on the internet.  Through WordPress and similar platforms, everyone can publish nearly anything they can dream of directly to the internet to share with the world. 
  2. WordPress has produced entire new media, software, advertising, publishing and other related industries, leveraging creativity into economic expansion.
  3. WordPress has made people a lot of money. (see #2).
  4. WordPress has given a voice to people; even providing opportunity to the smallest publisher in the farthest reaches of the world.  In some ways, WordPress has enabled free speech and liberty where previously voices struggled to be heard.
  5. WordPress has lifted people and communities out of poverty through education and awareness of issues, and fostered visibility and relationships through the stratum of local community and national economic needs. 
  6. WordPress has helped people survive disasters and enabled recovery efforts and continued charitable and government support.
  7. WordPress has helped people to learn and to improve their lives both at home, in schools, and in their communities and workplaces.
  8. WordPress has enabled families, relatives and friends to share thoughts and stories across time and distance in ways they never would have before.
  9. WordPress has helped people learn to do new things, to fix things, to create things, to understand things, to recognize things and to appreciate things in so many new and different ways.
  10. WordPress has driven countless publishers crazy with the need and desire to keep writing and publishing!




Conversely, I will add that through WordPress (and similar platforms) we may also risk suppression of the very same free speech, creativity and economic freedom by the intolerance of those who would force their narrow viewpoints, ideas or beliefs on the rest of the world.  

I believe WordPress is a force for good– and will continue to be an amazing publishing platform.  We must remain vigilant and stand up for freedom of speech, the rights of every citizen, and the ability to share individual expression in positive ways. 


If you are new to WordPress and considering your own hosting enviroment, please see the WordPress Homepage.  Or you can visit WordPress.com for a simple, managed hosting environment.


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