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January 26th, 2007

Tulip OpeningDigital photography is amazing… fast, simple and convenient.  I started using digital cameras in 1998.  Bought an early Kodak model that had “powerful” 1 megapixel capability!  Even so, it did a fine job.

I remember being frustrated by looking for more Kodak digital products at the time, not finding many, and then sending a note to the company about digital technology and how they needed to move faster with their products and components.  I received a reply from an executive VP that thanked me for my interest, but effectively said Kodak was sticking with film technology because it was too early for the digital market…

Prophetic words that missed the mark. I think Kodak was left behind for several years and are still playing catch-up. They do make fine products though. I used a small Canon digital for several years that still does a nice job, especially for ease of use and portability.

I currently use a Nikon D50 (excellent camera; 6+ megapixels), and edit with Adobe Photshop Elements 5, along with InfranView (free).

Now I think my Nikon, including an extra telephoto lens, cost less than the far less capable Kodak digital I purchased in 1998… amazing.  I’m an amateur hobbyist at best, but it’s wonderful what we can do in a few minutes at home that was unthinkable a few years before.  I’ll continue to share what looks interesting through the lens.  Thanks for taking a peek now and then!

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