Carnival of Education!

January 31st, 2007

fountainpen.gifWhat the heck is a blog carnival?!   Well, a blog carnival is simply that- a festive, fun-filled blogging and reading experience!  But it is so much more- truly a collaborative writing effort where bloggers and sites with similar interests host a “carnival” of content on a periodic basis.  The blog carnivals are a wonderful way to gather theme-oriented content in a single reading experience, with creative layout, graphics, and links to articles and other sites.   Last week I was browsing and found the “Home of the Carnival of Education,” a blog called The Education Wonks…  a really informative blog on current issues in teaching and education.  As it happens, I had written a short post about my son titled Kindergarten University a few days before, and although I didn’t even know blog carnivals existed until then, on a whim I submitted my kindergarten post.  And today it was included by Carol at The Median Sib , hosting this week’s  Carnival of Education, a wonderful mix of education content (thanks for including me!).  


You can find out more about blog carnivals at the main website BlogCarnival.com.  Their About page is very informative. Who knows, maybe I’ll start or join a blog carnival and host it here!

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