Shadows and Light

February 7th, 2007

Yesterday was one of those magical days… an interlude to the winter gray and cold.  For a brief day we warmed up to almost 50 degrees F.    The sun was out, the snow began to melt, the animals slept quietly in the grass… and all was shadow and light.  It is early yet, but I saw glimpses of Spring… Daffodil stems about an inch out of the ground, buds slightly thicker on tree limbs, and a lonely moth flying around in the sun.  The pond began to thaw, quickly…

Snow on Pond in February

Shadows and Light during thaw of pond

The first photograph was taken about 10:00 am, and just a few hours later… The second photo shows a liquid layer on top of ice with multiple shadows of trees.  The mix of shades, colors and reflections are mesmerizing.

˜Ole Man Basset Hound

And there’s the Basset Hound surveying his domain…  He’s the “old man” of Fox Haven.

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