More Lab Puppy Training

February 8th, 2007

The Labrador Retriever pup is almost 4 1/2 months old now… he’s doing great!  Mostly…  What he lacks is a trainer with enough knowledge to capitalize on every opportunity… but he does have a trainer that is working hard to gain that knowledge, and one who shows he is thankful to have a Labrador for a companion!  We do pretty well, yet I will say the winter cold has temepered my regimen somewhat. We get out there… just not as often right now.  The Pup doesn’t mind the cold at all!  Actually, he’s almost at the age for introducing him to water, but unfortunately it’s too cold, and there is ice everywhere.  I don’t know what experience others have had by delaying the introduction to water…  most labs never have a problem, so it should be fine. Most of the literature says to wait until the water temeperature is about 60 degrees. 

The pup is comfortable in almost any situation, except sometimes he seems tentative.  He won’t jump right in the car… but once in, he settles down fine.  He climbs rocky hills and goes through brush without thinking about it, yet he doesn’t like going up or down stairs.  His obedience training is progressing well, and I probably expect too much too soon.  Retrieving is fine, but we’re working on the “give” of the training dummy to the handler.  Now he did want to play “keep away” the other day when I called him in the field.  He came right up to me, but didn’t want the leash back on and danced around as if asking me to catch him.  Pretty funny… first time he did that.  Of course, I can’t trust his obedience yet in that regard, and would not take him anywhere near roads with cars, etc.  We’ll keep working on it…  

I love taking pictures, especially on sunny days.  In this one, we were playing in a field of Little Bluestem grass, and I gave him the “stay” command so I could take his picture…  He reminds me of another young one at Fox Haven… “Come on Dad, when will you be finished?!”

Yellow Lab - 4 Months

2 Responses to “More Lab Puppy Training”

  1. Hello Beau,
    you seem doing well with your puppy. He is looking very nice and cosy.
    Well, as to going uphill but not upstairs. Stairs use to be slippery for dog´s feet. And more so downstairs. So your puppy is very intelligent evading the risks fo tumbling or falling.
    .. not jumping into the car: well, again he just doesn´t wat to take a risk. He probably can´t exactly quess which height to jump properly. try to “convince” with a goody.
    dancing around the leash: well he is a friend of yours. And he seems to have invented a game to please you. You say later that he obey in sitting and staying, so try this next time and a goody again if he obeys.
    When you visit the website above, you must know that the old lady Brenta is 10 years and took 2 years to learn and more years to be obedient. But she´s a Hovawart, that´s a difference.
    So good luck to you and your puppy. :))

  2. Hi Helene- Thanks for sharing your insight about dogs! I’m sure you’re right, and I need to learn more games to keep him interested. He is so fun. Oh, and I did visit your lovely weblog- your pictures are wonderful. Although I can’t read the German language, sorry!… :) But I thought that might be your dog… Brenta? She’s beautiful, I will have to learn about the Hovawart.

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