Pond Fun on the Ice

February 11th, 2007

 It’s a lazy weekend… or at least a weekend to catch up. What would we do without them. On Friday, we tested out the ice on the pond… it is almost 4 inches thick!

Cellphone on IceSo I walked around a bit, as did the animals, and then when the little one came home from school- we had a lesson on ice safety. And he was able to walk around on the edges to see what it was like. He thought it was the best thing ever… “Isn’t this amazing?” he said. Seeing joy and wonder in the face of a child is even more amazing, perhaps especially as a parent.





We also laughed while watching Sparky play out on the ice in the middle of the pond. I threw a little ice chip out there- and the cat played for 20 minutes batting it around, jumping and chasing, etc.

Cat Chasing Ice on Pond


He is the adventurous one… Princess stayed near the shoreline watching warily. You know what they say about curiosity and cats… Princess will probably be around longer than Sparky!

Cat resting on Pond Ice

It’s warmer today so the ice is thawing a little- but by Tuesday it will be very cold again. If the ice remains frozen safely, we might even try ice fishing this week. That would be a first for Fox Haven… and me!

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