Ice Mystery

February 12th, 2007

Many things can be seen in the ice… this picture shows a leaf frozen below the surface.  Let’s say this is a mystery leaf.  Who can tell me what kind of tree it’s from?  If you know, then what type or species of that tree? We’ll see if anyone guesses…  I’ll post again in the days ahead with the answer!  (Okay… a short note tonight… we’re due for some more snow- but thankfully not as much as upstate NY!)

Mystery Leaf

* Site Note:  I found tonight that comments were not working, and users were referred to a ‘404 Not Found’ page.  Apologies to those who have attempted to post.  It’s working again after resetting some plugin options, but it may stop again.  If you attempt to post and comments are ‘not found’ please send me a note at the Contact page above.  Unless of course that is not working as well!  Have a good day!

4 Responses to “Ice Mystery”

  1. I’ll start this off with a test post… making sure it works! Hint for the mystery leaf… the Genus begins with the letter Q.

  2. kathy

    its looks like its from an oak tree and my second guess would be a elm tree kathy

  3. Maybe… :) We’ll see if anyone else posts…. Glad you stopped by!

  4. Okay, Kathy is right! It’s a leaf from an Oak tree- and the clue is Q for the Genus Quercus… And more specifically, it is from a Red Oak-you can barely see the pointed tips on the leaf that tells you it’s a Red Oak, as opposed to a White Oak which has rounded leaf ends or lobes. Thanks!

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