Snow day in the country!

February 13th, 2007

You’ve got snow!  Quite a bit for “around these parts”… nothing compared to the folks in the northeast.  But hey, we got about 4-6 inches overall.  Maybe the fourth good snow for the year? Took some pictures of the barn early this morning before the snow… then during and after.  For a while the flakes coming down were almost the size of potato chips!  So this afternoon before it got too cold I hooked up the blade to the tractor and spent some time on the driveway.  Good ‘ole John Deere 670… quite a little tractor for its time, and still running just fine- Dad you bought a good one.  Lots of tractors outlast their owners, and that’s my goal for this one as well.  So a picture of the driveway and the back of the tractor for good measure.  I put it in 4WD and ran up the quarter-mile gravel drive and back.  Snow and ice on the blacktop road has deterred most drivers today- and I haven’t seen a car go by in the last 6-8 hours, which is kind of amazing.  But the schools are closed tomorrow… so another snow day for the kids!  Remember snow days?  I sure do… I would wake up to the “clock radio” listening to the announcer go through the school districts one-by-one… finally hearing that ours was closed… yippeee!  Hard to reach those feelings of our youth sometimes, but they are still there if we choose to find them.

Barn before snowstormBarn during snowstormBarn after snowstorm

The snow came down from about 9:00 am until 2:00 pm.  The flakes were huge!!!  Not much in total, but the wind was up and some of the small drifts were over a foot deep.  I don’t know what we would do with 3-4 feet or more snow!

boy tasting fresh snowtractor blade for snowdriveway cleared of snow

The young boy ran out to play… a “snow day” is a wonderful thing in childhood.  He gets to taste fresh snow!  The grading blade on the tractor clears the driveway nicely with a little jockeying around on the tractor.  Doesn’t look like much, but when it’s wet and heavy it can really bog the tractor down.  The Shiba doesn’t want to come in for the night, and the Lab pup loves to play in the snow!

Labrador Retriever loves to play in the snow!

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