Bluebirds in Winter

February 14th, 2007

Bluebirds in Redbud Tree in Winter

Eastern Bluebirds in a Redbud Tree in Winter.  They seem to disappear for weeks, and then when you least expect it they’re back!  They flew out of a nesting box- probably taking shelter from the cold and snow.  But Spring is just around the corner…  Happy Valentine’s Day!

One Response to “Bluebirds in Winter”

  1. havenmaven

    I love the photo of the blue-birds..how vividly blue they are, even the orange, they must be two males looking for future nests.

    And quite a natty snowman…even the dog looks interested.

    The cycles of life and seasons are wonderful when unified
    It creates such a rhythm to our days. How fun to be part of it all…even in just visiting your blog.

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