Sparky can swim!

February 21st, 2007

I wish I had a picture… Out today enjoying 67 degree weather and taking in the sights.  One of which was our adventurous cat Sparky.  He wasn’t satisfied looking at the ice on the pond, even with a 4 foot gap of water as the ice thawed and retreated from the shoreline.  So what does he do?  He jumps to the ice!  You could tell he was proud of himself as he walked around… then decided to walk to the edge again to jump back.  Splash!  His head disappeared and up came a frantically paddling cat making a beeline for shore.  Out he climbs… looking like the proverbial skinny and soggy wet cat.  The fact that the water was close to 32 degrees probably shocked him silly, and he began licking, with an occasional sneeze to get the water out of his nose.  I went back later and took a picture of the evidence… you can see the footprints from the left, and then where they end with little chunks of ice where he fell in.

 Where the cat fell into the water

And here he is a little while later… none the worse for wear, but a little wiser!

Sparky the cat

Other sights of spring today included a Turkey Vulture, Red-Tailed Hawks, insects and a lonely bat flying around for food!  I’m sure we’ll see more of winter, but the march of Spring is coming closer.  I spent some time grading the “driveway” by the barn… I use the term loosely- it’s more like a “mudway” until we get some more gravel.  But it has a nice foundation!  It felt so nice out that I washed the tractor afterwards… then remembering I had to drive back through the mud to put the tractor away… Doh!

Muddy Driveway before gravel

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  1. […] Sparky was a one-of-a-kind cat that we all loved, more like a dog really, and one of those animals you always remember.  He would jump into my lap while I was on the tractor, and follow me around while I worked.  The young boy would carry him everywhere and Sparky gladly went along.  He didn’t hunt much of anything, but had a good life, happy and carefree, and wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else but outside.  He used to love playing on the pond ice in winter- one time racing all around chasing a little chunk.  Another time he actually fell into the pond! […]

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