Yellow Lab Pup… 5 Months old!

February 25th, 2007

Hard to believe the “little guy” is almost 5  months old now… he grows so fast!  Our training is going well, although the wet winter weather has dampened my enthusiasm a bit (not his of course!).  We get outside almost every day, and still practice obedience and retrieves.  As soon as it warms up I will try to get him in the water.  I really think he’s “a natural” when it comes to retrieving and training… the only problems are with my consistency which I’m finding is the hardest thing to maintain.  If nothing else, I try to do a little bit each day and hold him accountable for what he does know.  I find that reinforcing his prior training pays dividends toward what he learns next.  Perhaps that’s true with all of us!   Think I’ll look for some professional training opportunities as well. What a wonderful dog he is…  here’s a picture from a couple days ago.

Yellow Labrador Retriever © Fox Haven Media

2 Responses to “Yellow Lab Pup… 5 Months old!”

  1. mel

    hi i have a yellow lab as well but it is a girl i love her and she looks like yours!!! they sound exactly alike and mine just turned 5!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Mel- That’s neat… they are so fun and loving. Mine will be 5 this October. Thank you for coming by :)

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