The Frogs of Spring

February 28th, 2007

Few things herald the coming of Spring for me as the emergence of Cricket Frogs, Chorus Frogs and Spring Peepers.  Either late February or early March, and before you realize it, the trleet, trleet, trleet… of the frogs are heard. For me the sounds bring memories of my youth, and exploring the forests and waters in Spring with friends.  Tonight, we heard the first frogs of the season calling… it sounded like Spring Peepers… they live together, along with many other species.  We actually found a small frog today at the pond’s edge, a Blanchard’s Cricket Frog, Acris crepitans blanchardi.   This small frog, less than an inch in size, is found at the waters edge and doesn’t breed or call until later in spring with a kick, or gick, gick call, sounding like pebbles clicking together. It’s a member of the tree frog family, but lives on the ground.  It was fun to see watch… but how they make it through winter and know just when to emerge is amazing.  We’ll have freezing nights this week, and more before the warm weather stays, but the frogs will be fine.  Their blood has properties like anti-freeze fluid, and they simply warm up and get moving again.  The evenings in the coming months will be shared with the music of frogs…

Blanchard™s Cricket Frog- Missouri- 2007


We watched as the moon grew brighter at dusk… you can see the Man in the Moon!  It’s “waxing gibbous” on its way to being a Full Moon in a few days. 

Moon Waxing Gibbous

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