March 2nd, 2007

It has been really windy the last couple days, probably 30-40 mph gusts.  Couldn’t find one of the cats yesterday… finally around mid-night, I went out to the barn… he was locked in from when I was working in there earlier.  I had a feeling he was out there… he was there for about 8 hours, and when I showed up he came running to me with a plaintive “meeowwwww!”  The wind was rattling the barn’s metal roof and he probably wasn’t very cozy compared to the laundry room!  We had some more avian visitors… Canada Geese and a flock of White-fronted geese.  I had never seen a Greater White-Fronted Goose before, so that was a first.  Being a “birder” from way back, I always like to see something new.  They have a higher-pitched, almost whistling kleek, kleek or kweek call, much more distinct than the nasally “honk” of the common Canada Goose.  They flew in together, in separate flocks.  Then the White-fronted geese sort of “swam after” the Canada geese… not sure what that was about.  But the White-fronted are not common here at all, just passing through.  More common in winter in the souther U.S. areas from Lousiana to Texas and south in Mexico, and western coastal U.S. areas. Their summer breeding territory is way up in the Northwest Territories and to Alaska, on tundra wetlands .  Amazing how birds migrate over such great distances.  Here’s a few pictures:

White-fronted Geese 2007 Missouri

I got this shot of the underside of a White-fronted Goose with the telephoto as they soared in overhead!

White-fronted Goose, underside, Missouri 2007

Here the White-fronted geese are swimming toward the Canada geese.

White-fronted and Canada Geese- Missouri - 2007

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  1. […] as they went by, heading south of course.  In March a small flock landed on the pond and I wrote about them here.  They are so different from the Canada […]

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