March 3rd, 2007

What does the word perspective mean to you?  For me, I usually think of it when I feel the “need for some perspective” whether that be at home, with personal and financial goals, or even simply for a little distance from whatever I’m doing.  This weekend is chilly… cloudy with light snowfall and the early March winds.  It lends itself to considering things like perspective.

But we all get busy, and sometimes a little “perspective” goes a long way.  I’m working on finishing up a final for one of my classes.  I feel the need for some distance, fresh air, and yes- perspective…   The goals and to-do lists are always there, and they can control our lives if we let them.  But it doesn’t have to be that way… we can simply stop, and shift gears to another focus.  Not so easy at times.

But when I think of the word perspective, one of my favorite photographs always comes to mind… yes, the one below.  It’s from one of NASA’s Apollo moon missions… not sure which one.  But what a picture!  It is easy to take for granted and simply say, “Yeah… that’s nice.”  But when you really stop and look at it… how amazing it is to see the earth from such distance, to see the moon firsthand, and know the gulf of empty space that exists between the moon and our home planet.  And to try and imagine the totality of space… in many ways it helps me appreciate the little bit of focus I do have.

When I reflect upon the nature of things, we can appreciate more the day for what it is, with glad acceptance for what we have.  Time marches on, and yet we are but a part of the grand adventure of living things.  A small, but significant part.  I see God in this view of perspective, in that I feel the wonder of life we are privileged to share, and His presence in this wondrous Universe.  Here’s wishing you a little perspective when you need it most.

The Earth from the Moon © NASA

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