Snow Goose Migration

March 8th, 2007

Yesterday I saw several enormous flocks of migrating Snow Geese.  I couldn’t begin to count their number, there were so many.  I heard them well before seeing them, and when I looked I could barely make them out, they were that high up.  I’d love to have known their real altitude, but it probably exceeded 1500-2000 feet in the sky.  The Cornell bird identification site says that “…the Snow Goose travels… in very large, high-flying, noisy flocks.”  Right on the money yesterday.  They are on their way north to the artic tundra to begin the breeding season.  Here’s a picture of just a small portion of one flock…

Migrating Snow Geese - March 07

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  1. […] taken any pictures of the geese migrating (I know, Maryann’s going to murder me!), but I found this blog post that summarizes my first impressions of the geese in the sky, along with a picture of what […]

  2. […] as I was moving about 65 miles per hour, and there was a truck right behind me. Here’s a picture that looks similar to what I saw. I had thought that snow geese tend to fly more in an arc […]

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