Harmony of the Seasons

March 18th, 2007

Yesterday we had a brief interlude of snow in mid-March.  Missouri has snow as late as April some years, with brief freezing periods.  Yet they are brief indeed, as the daytime temperatures warm the trees and plants with the coming of Spring.  By the end of this week the weather will be warm with temperatures around 70 degrees F.   The leaves are beginning to emerge from buds and the grass is becoming greener.  But yesterday was nice… the snow lasted just a few hours and gave a brief remembrance to the recent winter.  

March snow reminds us of the winter past

Perhaps it allows a letting go of that cold season as we begin another, and life emerges all around us.

Snowy Daffodils in March

  There is beauty in every day, and sometimes it’s nice to see a tangible reminder of what was, and will be.  The daffodils with garlands of snow bring the harmony of the seasons together.

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  1. I love the concept of the harmony of the seasons, it aids in the perception that truly the diversity is just a matter of degrees, (hah)
    You really did have more snow than we!

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