Yellow Lab is Growing Up

March 19th, 2007

The Pup is almost 6 months old… he’s getting big!  He’s a charming one to be sure… great temperament and a fun-loving nature.  We are still training for retrieves, yet not as much as I would like.  He finished his first obedience class with flying colors.  Now we’re working on refining that including heeling better.  He is still teething somewhat and loves to chew. But I see a glimmer of hope that he won’t eat everything he sees… he is calming down ever so slightly from puppyhood.  I’m more concerned that he’ll eat something to hurt himself or make him sick!  I am amazed at his energy, and try to allow him the chance to run and play outside as well as walking and training.  He’s not swimming yet, but loves to play in the shallow water of the pond.  I will probably need to get in there with him in a couple months… he can be tentative at times.  He didn’t want to go up or down stairs until about a month ago.  He does so just fine now, but prefers that I lead the way.  He rides in the car very well and doesn’t bark at all.  The only time he ever whines is to let us know he needs out, or he’s really hungry!  I’ll be traveling next week and will miss him and the family!  I’ll be curious how he responds when I return… I’ve been his primary trainer and companion for these six months. 

Sleeping quietly on a deck in the warm March sun when visiting “Meemaw”!

Yellow Labrador Retriever, sleeping at 6 months

And who’s that in bed for story time?  I think he loves it up there…

Yellow Lab in bed for story time


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  1. Hi, thanks for stoping by my blog. I have enjoying looking at yours, too. I am originally from northeastern Oklahoma, so know Missouri pretty good.

  2. Hi Sandy- Thanks for commenting too! I have friends in Oklahoma… they love it there. I always wanted to live in Maine!

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