After the rain

March 23rd, 2007

Another rainy day, but the sun finally broke through at sunset.  The ground is so saturated you can hear the water bubbling through the grass.  Squish… squish… everywhere you go.  Wanted to do some work outside, but I would just put big ruts in the ground with the tractor and mower.  So it has been inside time, and general clean-up.  The birds are really getting ready for nesting, and some trees and shrubs have begun to flower.  Spring sure moves quickly when it comes… one minute it seems cold and quiet, and then with the rain the world comes alive again.  Even the weeds have asserted themselves already!  I should be traveling next week, so I’m not sure how much posting I can do.  But here’s the sunset tonight, or at least the reflection among the clouds.  Each day has so much to offer.

Spring sunset in Missouri after a rainy day

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