What Bird is this?

March 28th, 2007

Well for something a little different, here’s a picture of a new bird.  Like many part-time “birders” I keep a “life list” of sorts… mostly I just know when I see something new or different that I haven’t seen before.  I took this picture yesterday, and as a hint- it’s not from Fox Haven.  It’s not even from Missouri… I’m in a new place, and the area looks a lot like the land and forests around Fox Haven.  I’ll post some more pictures in a couple days, but I’m traveling and don’t have internet access all the time.  But I am enjoying the trip immensely…

A new bird!

2 Responses to “What Bird is this?”

  1. It´s a tit, a blue tit, tomtit or nun, in German: Blaumeise
    bot.: cyanistes caeruleus.

  2. Hi Helene! Yes, you’re right! I didn’t know what it was until I did a web search. Very cute bird… it sounded like a Chickadee in the states, so I looked up the family. I’ve seen some wonderful things… we even drove to the Black Forest and over to Garmische at night. Mostly I have enjoyed the food and sights. The German countryside is very beautiful. I haven’t had much time to post… I’ll try to catch up when I get back to the states. Thanks for your comment!

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