Spring Freeze and Stubborn Geese

April 7th, 2007

It was very cold last night- we awoke to 20 degrees F.  The wind has been blowing gently so there has not been any frost, but with the deep freeze at this time of year I wonder how many plants and trees will be “nipped” this year.  Many are worried about the peach and apple crops as well as wild fruits and flowers.  Time will tell, and we have another night of very cold weather to go through.  Next week should warm us up however. 

Along with the freezing weather, we have a pair of geese staying on the pond now.  This is the same pair that comes every year… I tried earnestly to prevent them from setting up a “home” but while I was in Europe they took advantage of the quiet and the absence of the “guy who always ran them off” prior to that week.   So now they are nesting and I saw three eggs a couple days ago. I could use noisemakers and such to discourage their presence, but once they are on the nest, it’s extremely hard to get them to leave.  So now we have “goose poop” around the pond… !    We’ll see how it goes- last year some animal like a racoon or possum got into the eggs and the geese left… that may happen again.  They are beautiful to watch, but simply can be a nuisance at times.  We may not be doing any pond swimming this year… 

Here’s a picture looking across the pond- you can see the female goose sitting low on the nest by the tree.

Canada Goose nesting near the pond

The light of early Spring is neat to see in the evening.  The leaves of the trees are just emerging.

Leaves emerging in Spring glow in the evening light

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