Winter’s Last Grasp

April 9th, 2007

The freeze is nearing it’s end but not without damage to many trees and shrubs.  It should be winter’s last for the year… let’s hope so! But it will be interesting to see how the plants come back from losing their first leaves of Spring.  I made the rounds today, and cleaned up a few piles of wood chips.  Last week I put countless branches and tree cuttings through the wood chipper, and today took my new work toy around to help clean up the piles.  I had often read that once you have a tractor with a front-end loader you’ll wonder how you lived without it… we’ve only been here a year, but I wonder how my folks lived without it!  I’ve moved mud and gravel, logs, bark and wood chips, leaves, lifted out small stumps and so much more in just a few weeks.  Today it was like a portable wheel barrow as I filled it up and carted it back to a central pile.  The wonders of technology… and last week I used the new tiller to cultivate a new row in the upper pasture for some plantings that I’ll begin soon.  Just one pass as the soil was too wet- but I’ll go over it again as it dries out. 

John Deere 2320 tractor at work

John Deere 2320 tractor with the loader filled with wood chips.  I’ll have dozens of more loads yet to carry with several downed trees and many branches still to cut up with the chainsaw and woodchipper. 

Newly tilled ground

Getting ready for planting!

Day lily™s wilted from freezing nightsGrape vine leaves wilted from freezing nights

Day Lily plants on the left wilted by the freezing nights… and Grape vine leaves also hit by the cold.

Red Maple tree leaves wilted from freezing weatherSedum plants wilted from freezing weather

Small Red Maple tree and a Sedum plant also show the effects from the nightly freeze this past week.


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