The Fire of Sunrise

April 12th, 2007

Much of what we do is often without thought or reflection for the moment.  That’s normal, especially with the demands of everyday life and all we do each day.  The mornings and days blend together much like the ones before… we wake and go through our routines, so often in a hurry to get ready for the day.  So very true here also… getting the young one up and dressed, then breakfast and off to school in a short time frame- it’s a common story for so many families.  

But sometimes there is a moment that comes where we can embrace the greater world in which we live… to stop, briefly, and catch our breath.   This morning one of those moments came very early with the sunrise.   The boy came into our bedroom after I woke him up, and he flopped down for a bit in his pajamas.  I was looking out the window, interested in the changing light of dawn. It had been cloudy and rainy the past few days, and we awoke before dawn to gray skies.  But then?  For a brief, splendid moment the trees were alive with the fire from the rising sun beneath the clouds!  It lit up the tops of the trees in a beautiful red-orange glow that was remarkable. 

The treetops glow with the morning sun at break of dawn - © Fox Haven Media 2007


I knew it would only last a short while and said “Look at the trees!” as I ran to get my camera.  I ran from one side of the house to the other, my son wondering what his goofy father was doing now.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always loved sunrises and sunsets… today was one of those special moments and it lasted just minutes. The pictures barely do justice to the glow on the landscape.  

The glowing sun just above the horizon… a few minutes later it was gone.

 Glowing sun crests the morning horizon below the clouds in April - © Fox Haven Media 2007

The young one was sleepy and had climbed on my bed earlier… as the glow was fading back to gray I urged him to get ready for school… “But Dad! I still want to watch the orange color on the trees!”  He did notice after all… and I’m glad he appreciated the moment.  One day many years from now he’ll learn how precious and few they are… just as I’m learning how precious and few the days are as he grows up so fast.

2 Responses to “The Fire of Sunrise”

  1. What amazing sunset!! I never had the chance of such a spectacular view. Thanks a lot for sharing, and yes you are right, so moments are precious and we must breathe them deeply in, because they will give us strength when we need it!! :)

  2. Great words Helene- Those moments do give us strength! Thanks.

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