April 14th, 2007

What a few days of rain we’ve had!  Over an inch in the past couple days, the steady continuous kind of rain, with clouds, clouds and more clouds.  We even went to the ballgame on Friday night… sat under umbrellas until the game was called.  Ah Spring!  But perhaps the colder weather has allowed the plants and trees to regain some energy for starting their growth after the freeze this month. It was even cold enough this weekend to get the woodstove going and enjoy the heat of a warm fire.  But tomorrow begins the warmer days, with a week forecast in the 60’s and higher. The sun will shine, the ground will begin to dry and we can finally get to work!  The farmers have been hindered from planting from all the soil moisture, but perhaps it is a harbinger of a good summer.  Let’s hope so- last year we had very little rain throughout the summer months, it is so easy to take for granted when we have so much now.  But the pond is full, and the rain fell gently enough to keep from washing silt and mud into the water.  I think we are all ready for some nice weather!  It’s coming… I can feel it…

Rain clouds have blanketed the landscape for several days

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