Yellow Lab almost 7 months

April 17th, 2007

The little pup is growing so fast… he’s now the “big dog” around the house!  He’s almost 7 months old now.  I have read that many pups will go through a challenging period between 6-9 months where it seems they’ve forgotten everything they learned.  He may have started that period, but we keep reinforcing his training.  More than anything he wants to be more independent and acts like he doesn’t hear my commands.  But he does perform and is doing very well.  I think his best trait is that he’s so lovable… I have not seen any sign of aggression or even asserting himself with the other dogs.  He loves attention and enjoys being part of the family.  The weather is now warming up and we’re going to take swimming lessons… that should be fun!  Not really lessons, but we’ll work more and more around the pond and see how he does.  He loves getting wet but doesn’t know anything about swimming in the water yet.  I may have to get in there with him. 

Yellow Labrador Retriever - 7 months old

2 Responses to “Yellow Lab almost 7 months”

  1. Well Beau is being a slefassured dog. Hope he grows even into more aimability. And then one day, in ten years or so you make take pictures like these.

  2. Helene those pictures are wonderful! Brenta (I hope I got that right) seems so relaxed… hard for me to imagine my guy like that. I need some of his energy… :)

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