Spring Wildflowers

April 20th, 2007

A good day spent cleaning up and cutting wood with the chainsaw.  But not without appreciating the wildflowers that come with Spring.  I haven’t seen them all, but I like to keep an eye out for the flowers since they are only here a few weeks each year. 

One of the earliest arrivals is the Carolina Spring Beauty… small dime-sized flowers of pink that dot the landscape and hills.  I remember them from my college days and they always remind me that Spring is finally here.

 Carolina Spring Beauty

Wild Phlox can be found near the woodlands.  It looks a lot like the domestic varieties, but the flowers are more sparse.  But I love the blue-purple colors.

 Wild Phlox

Wild Violets can also be found near edges of woodlands and along the grassy slopes.

 Wild Violet

I finally cut the giant log up into rounds…  I’ll set these aside until I find the time (and energy!) to split them.  I like to split the rounds by hand with a maul splitter, although they make some wonderful hydraulic gas-powered and electric log splitters these days.  But I don’t really want another engine to take care of… and for now I actually enjoy the work.  Maybe in a few years I’ll change my mind!   One of the rounds turned sideways after I cut it, and it rolled down the hill into the pond… when the wind blows it to shore I’ll try to lift it out. They weight about 75-100 pounds dry, so I wonder how heavy it will be after soaking up all the water!  

Log cut up into rounds with chainsaw

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