More Flowers in Spring

April 26th, 2007

We’ve had gentle rain the past couple days- it has been nice for the plants and flowers.  The leaves are slowly coming on the trees.  I did put up the hummingbird feeders- and lo and behold, within five minutes the first little hummingbird was there!  I didn’t know they would back this early.  We also have the Barn Swallow’s back… they are one of my favorite birds.  Except that the nest is right in front of the garage, and when the young hatch the adults swoop and zoom at you when you walk around the driveway.  But they are fun to watch and have been coming for many years.   I’ve been able to grade the driveway and re-distribute the gravel without clouds of dust everywhere.  The flowers are really coming along everywhere now- here’s a couple I found yesterday.

An early Iris in bloom- the light lavender color is beautiful.

 A beautiful Iris in bloom in April

I found another wildflower near the woods-  this is called Spiderwort, genus Tradescantia.

A wildflower called Spiderwort

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