New Spring Leaves

April 29th, 2007

The leaves are finally here!  Okay, I’m excited… it’s been a long winter and spring waiting for the new leaf growth.  When fall comes I’ll be muttering about how many leaves there are to clean up.  But for now we can enjoy the trees as they develop the thick green cover that provides our summer shade. 

These Oak tree leaves are red as they emerge- I think they are from a Red Oak variety even though the lobes look rounded at this point.  I’ll need to look at them again over the next couple months.

 Red Oak tree leaves growing in early Spring

These leaves are green however, and are probably of the White Oak variety.  The rounded tips and lobes of the leaf is a characteristic of the White Oaks.  Red Oaks have a pointed tip on the ends of the leaf lobes after they mature.

White Oak tree leaves in Spring

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