Warm Weather

April 29th, 2007

The weather has been very nice this week- in fact, almost perfect.  Cool mornings and warm days to allow us to get things accomplished.

The leaves are finally emerging once again on the trees- they look sparse for being almost May. What a strange Spring we have had, but at least the moisture has been good for everything. 

The Oak trees surround the pond are finally getting new leaves. It™s almost May but the the trees have been bare!

More exploring and some new wildflowers.  This one is Rue anemone, genus Anemonella.

Rue Anemone wildflower


Sometimes a Hummingbird will find its way into the barn/workshop.  Then it will fly around all day up in the rafters by the skylights, and won’t come out the big open door.  This one spent the night inside, but finally the next day it found its way out.

A Hummingbird stuck in the barn.  It eventually found its way out the door

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