Musings from the Deep

May 1st, 2007

There is something mysterious and “deep” about reflections in water.  Yesterday the evening light reflected quietly in the still pond.  The air was calm at twilight, and the colors within the clouds above spoke of a peaceful, quiet ending to the day. 

But it is more than that… the light and reflection also beckons with promise, of what I do not know. Something more… something waiting, and something that we still must do.  Perhaps many things in life are that way.  At those times I feel a quiet sense of urgency or restlessness for things undone.  And then I try to simply enjoy the moment for what it is. 

The pond at dusk, reflecting the clouds and trees in still waters.

But what is it that moves us forward?  What is it within that drives us to do more, be more, seek more… to shape our lives and futures toward whatever vision we hold, or have held for many years?  Or to simply continue doing what we do… letting go at times, and working to improve our life and the lives of others?  Musings from the deep still waters within, and around us.  I don’t expect answers per se- but the answers will come, and have always come, revealed gently through our lives at moments when we might least expect them.  Sometimes it is hard to listen and acknowledge them.  But they will come.

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