Rain, rain, rain!

May 3rd, 2007

We’ve had three days of rain!  Fortunately it has been the steady drizzle type of rain, and not so much thunderstorms, at least yet.  The ground is saturated, the pond is full, the weeds and grass are growing like crazy.  The birds are zooming everywhere nesting, raising fledgling birds, chasing insects and each other!  I had to fix a gutter that was leaking on the house, and a Phoebe had a nest there.  I wasn’t sure how old the young birds were as I crept up the ladder… then Whoosh!  Four little Phoebes came flying out of the nest!  They scattered in the garden and among some smaller trees.  So I guess they were ready to fly… :)   But with the rain I’ve been able to catch up inside on some much needed organization.  Making a small dent in the mess is more like it, but progress is progress right? 

One of the adult Eastern Phoebes sitting on the garden fence.  It has an insect of some type in its bill.  They are early arrivals in Spring here at Fox Haven, hence the young birds had grown so fast already.  Many other birds are still making nests and laying eggs.

Eastern Phoebe sitting on a garden fence 


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