Water Dog… the Yellow Lab Pup Learns to Swim!

May 5th, 2007

A wet day today! But not because of rain… it was warm and partly sunny. I let the pup out earlier to play and he proceeded to get very muddy. So it became the day for the pup to learn to swim! During fall, late winter and over the past couple months I took the lab to the pond to play by the shoreline. He loved splashing in the water and racing up and down, but was a little hesitant to venture more than a few inches in, partly because the water was so cold I’m sure. So now the water is over 60 degrees, just perfect for swimming. ?The six-year old also wanted to swim in the pond, so we made it a fun day in the water.

It was actually great to have the young boy jumping and swimming after his floatie toys, and I had my waders on to get in with both of them. It helped for the labrador to see the boy splashing around, and I was suprised at how ready the pup was to explore the water. I started out by coaxing him in the water so he could stand on his feet. Then I supported his chest and swung him in a circle in deeper water a few times. At first he didn’t like not having something under his feet. But by the third time he was paddling furiously, and I had an orange bumper to entice him. He loves toys, especially retrieving them. So after teasing him a little and letting him get the bumper in shallow water, I threw it out a little bit further a couple times. Then it was time… I threw it out about 10 feet in deeper water. Without hesitation he ran and jumped in the water after it. When he reached the deep water he just kept on swimming! Hooray! ?He grabbed that bumper and turned right around to bring it back. I think he was suprised at himself.

After that there was no stopping him- he sat and stayed while I threw it out a little further each time, and jumped in to swim for it each time without hesitation. He loved it so much he was going crazy waiting for me to throw it. After five times, with the last one being about 20-30 yards out, I stopped him on a good note. He was ready for more, but I want to keep his enthusiasm up before he tired out. I didn’t mean to throw it out so far the last time, but he went right for it, and was swimming stronger than he had so far. I was really happy for him- certainly swimming should be natural especially for a Labrador Retriever, but he’s 7 1/2 months old now, and had never been swimming. I’ll keep training him and working with his enthusiasm, but so far so good!

I coax the dog into the water and help him swim in circles while supporting his chest.

Supporting the 7-month old Yellow Lab in the water for his first swimming lessons.

The boy shows the Lab how fun the water is when he “retrieves” his own bumper!  It was great to see the six-year old swimming in the pond also.  He has been asking for weeks to swim in the pond (he takes lessons at the YMCA), but we waited until it warmed up enough. He wore shoes and a good life vest as well, and had a good shower after he finished!

 The young boy swims in the pond for his first time also his first water retrieve!

I give the “Stay” command for the Lab to wait until I throw the bumper.  Then as he quivers with excitement… “Back!” and he leaps in the water.  He knows he can swim now, and is intent on the orange bumper… he wants to get it!

The Lab stays for his first water retrieves he really wants that bumper!

The Labrador’s fifth water retrieve… he doesn’t hesitate and paddles furiously.

Yellow Lab swims for the bumper

The pup grabs the bumper and begins turning around.

Yellow Lab pup gets his bumper

Look at me!  I got it!  He was swimming really well after just 30 minutes in the water.  I waited seven months for the water to warm up so his first time would be all fun.  What a joy to see the Labrador swimming!

The Yellow Lab returning with the bumper after his first 5 water retrieves.  He loves it!

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