The Pond is Quieter

May 6th, 2007

 Canada Geese are beautiful birds.  I took this photo in March as six or seven geese came flying in to the pond one afternoon.  I just happened to be walking with the camera in my hand and caught a nice shot of a pair landing.  As beautiful as they are however, I am pleased that the nesting pair is now gone.  I had walked the dogs around the pond more frequently last month, which the geese didn’t like of course, and later found that something had moved and got to the eggs. I actually found one on the dam.  The geese then left and came back briefly for a couple weeks, and then finally were gone.  About once a week a few geese still stop by the pond in the morning, and then they are gone by midday.  Last week I saw a solitary goose early one morning that appeared to be searching out a nest site.  But it was also gone within the hour.  I was concerned about goose droppings and such around the pond this year, so it is much nicer that we don’t have that “stuff” to deal with right now.  I do enjoy seeing them however… the pond is much quieter without their calls and antics on the pond.

Canada Geese landing on the pond in March


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