The Orioles are Back!

May 7th, 2007

And no, not the baseball team!  It feels like summer already- a very warm and sunny day, and the trees are finally looking good with all the beautiful green leaves.  It feels like a different place at this time of year, especially after the stark grays of winter.  So the ritual begins with grass cutting, trimming, weeding, getting small engines back in shape (and my own engine too!).  I spend half the day in and out of the barn with the dogs and cats for company.  The pup made a few more water retrieves today as well.  I’ve also been looking for the arrival of the Orioles, and today saw the first Baltimore Oriole of the season.  They have a nice call, sort of a flute-like two-note whistle.  I didn’t recognize it, and looked up to see the bright orange of the male Oriole in the White Oak tree above me.  He cooperated for a few pictures… what a neat bird!

Male Baltimore Oriole in a White Oak tree.

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  1. […] had never seen one.  I was surprised how much smaller (and less colorful) it was compared with the Baltimore orioles we see each year.  It’s a nice looking bird although the fuzzy picture doesn’t do it […]

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