Summer Tanagers on a Warm Day

May 10th, 2007

Today was very warm and humid but then turned to clouds and a few thunderstorms.  And then hours of rain, steady rain that refreshed the landscape.   I started on the garden today and transplanted a few shrubs.  One small willow “bush” had roots that were 6-8 feet long!  It found a new home along the driveway where water runoff tends to erode the soil. 

I was excited this morning to see a pair of Summer Tanagers for the first time this year.  I thought I saw a glimpse of one yesterday but wasn’t sure.  They are fairly secretive, or at least difficult to see among the foliage.  I just looked up for some reason and they were there- I took a few quick pictures, looked down at the camera, and when I looked again they were gone.  Every now and then you get really lucky with a camera, and today the morning sun was perfect for these photos.  I didn’t even see the birds fly away!

                  The male Summer Tanager is a rosy red, and the female is yellow and green.

                                                              They are beautiful birds!

Male Summer Tanager perched in Oak tree © Fox Haven Media 2007Female Summer Tanager perched in Oak tree © Fox Haven Media 2007

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