Kids and Cats

May 13th, 2007

There’s something about cats… they are nice to have around.  They don’t ask for much, but enjoy being part of the family.  I’ve written about our cats before… Princess is the wary hunter.  She spends all day stalking critters and wandering around.  Sparky is the kind of cat who enjoys just hanging around, and being wherever people are.  He likes exploring, but more often than not can be found perched on a window sill enjoying the day.  He is also much more tolerant of being picked up and hugged!  The young one loves to pick up the cats… and they endure his loving hugs as if to say… “Oh well, he feeds us… sigh…”   It’s fun to have the different personalities of the animals, they add character to the home.  Kids and cats… what a mix!

The six year old with Sparky the cat

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