Misty Morning on the Pond

May 19th, 2007

We’ve had several sunny, cool misty mornings this week.  The weather has been very nice outdoors as the birds continue nesting and everything keeps growing.  The garden is getting closer… maybe, just maybe we can plant this weekend!  I love the cooler weather though, it really helps with getting the work accomplished.

Misty country morning on the pond

One of the plants I don’t enjoy watching grow is poison ivy!  We have an abundance of it around the borders of the property… the birds love the small fruits that grow in spring, and they tend to sow it everywhere in their droppings.  Last year I sprayed much of the poison ivy, but only got some of it.  I’ve read it can take several years to remove poison ivy from a landscape, so I’ll just keep after it.  You know what they say… “Leaves of three, let it be.”  The oils in the plant can last for years, so when cutting and trimming you may not even know it’s there, especially in winter!

Poison Ivy grows vigorously around the forest borders

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