The Little Critters

May 21st, 2007

A long weekend spent in the garden, and… drumroll please… we finished planting!  I don’t have a good picture yet, but we will soon. And maybe in a month or two we’ll have vegetables to eat!  For now we continue spreading bark and mulch around to prevent weeds, and weeding other areas.  The watering begins… we haven’t had much rain over the past few weeks.  The fields of grass look ready to cut for hay.  We don’t cut it ourselves, but let a local farmer cut it for us.  And of course there are lots of critters around these days, many of which are insects.  Some of them I like, and some I don’t… but we do have a few friends that help out. And I saw the first fireflies last night!  I’ll have to figure out how to get a picture of those…

Dragonflies are abundant here because of the pond, and I really appreciate them because they eat mosquitoes!  This is a picture of a Common Whitetail or Broad-winged Chaser.

A dragonfly near the pond 

Another critter that eats insects is this Eastern Fence Lizard.  They live around the wood piles, trees and yes, fences.  Some have missing tails… when a predator attempts to grab them the tail breaks off and the lizard usually grows a new one!

 Eastern Fence Lizard

The birds are still nesting.  This Purple Finch is nesting in a small Blue Spruce by the driveway.

Purple Finch

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