The Garden is Growing!

May 24th, 2007

Well it took about 3 weeks, but we finally got the garden in… there’s still work to do, and everyday I’ve been spreading bark and pruning bushes.  Last weeked I repainted the 15 year old fence.  My folks built the fence by hand and kept it stained, so it has lasted pretty well.  I think it was about 6-7 years due for a new coat, and is holding up really well.  Just goes to show if you do something right the first time, it can last a long time. But we put in lots of vegetable starts and seeds, and now I’ll try to set up some irrigation lines after finishing spreading the mulch.  Then the challenge is to keep the dogs, cats and rabbits out of the garden!  And moles I suppose… those critters show up when you least expect it.  But here’s a few pictures from the beginning…

The garden seemed overwhelming when I first began…

The back of the garden before beginning the clearing project

But there were many wonderful plants I could move to new locations.  I began at the back and worked my way within the fenced areas and removed old wood from the beds.

The garden from the other side the back is cleared but much awaits!

The tractor helped clear the plants and weeds, and generally “move dirt.”

The garden is mostly cleared, at least in back!

One of my goals was to redistribute the soil and try to level the garden area.  During heavy rains the water washes toward the hillsides.  The tractor helped move soil around to a more level area… we’ll find out how level after it rains!

The soil is cleared and pushed to the sides to prevent erosion now for the rakes!

Finally leveled, I used the tiller to turn the soil after being compacted by the tractor… but then back to the hand rakes to make some rows.  The rows are parallel to the fence nearest the hillside, and hopefully will slow down the water runoff.

I raked the soil into rows to parallel the fence, and impede the water flow

The fence is painted and back together, the rows are planted with starts and seeds, and the mulch is being spread throughout the garden.

The fence is painted, the rows are planted and the mulch is going in!

From the house we can see lengthwise in the garden.  At the back corner we planted sunflowers… will be interesting to see how they look in a few months!  It’s bigger than the camera shows, but not too big.  Just right for a small garden by the house!

The rows can be seen lengthwise from the house to give a nice view of the garden

I’m glad I didn’t have to remove everything… this lovely rose was pruned and the Saint Francis statue set nearby to look over the garden.  Other long-established shrubs and plants on the borders provide a nice setting for the garden.

 Saint Francis statue near a rose bush looks over the garden

 So now we water, weed and wait!  I’ll be curious to see if the moles and rabbits work their way in… Hopefully the dogs and cats prowling the grounds will help deter them.  I can hardly wait for the vegetables… tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, carrots, beans and more… woohoo!




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