A Redbud Tree

May 29th, 2007

We’ve had some nice rain the past few days, as well as sunshine.  The trees look wonderful with all the leaves and shade.  This is a picture of a mature Redbud tree, although it is branched much more than a typical Redbud in the forest.  Perhaps it was pruned that way when young, but in either case I love the way it looks!  We have several large Redbud trees around the property, but this one looks better than most. 

Redbud Tree


We are still training with the lab pup… I’m throwing fake ducks into the pond now and he charges in after them.  He swims very strong and powerfully now, I’m amazed at his strength and eagerness.  All I have to say is “Want to get some ducks?!” and he jumps around like crazy.  I keep the sessions short- no more than 3-5 retrieves at a time.  Soon I’ll break out the decoys, and help him learn not to retrieve them! 

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  1. Paige Dawson

    a question really: re redbud trees–what shape is the leaf?? is it by chance sort of heart-shaped?? I am trying to identify a tree I really like with the pik flowers all over the branches that has heart-shaped leave. thinking of it for my yard in NW CT,

    thank you
    Paige D

  2. Paige- I think you’re right on! They are sort of heart-shaped. It’s a very pretty tree- however, be aware that they make a lot of brown seed-pods in spring/summer, and they will re-seed themselves throughout the landscape. For a woodland area they are really nice, or as a lawn ornamental where the grass will be cut around the tree… thanks for stopping by for a visit!

  3. Susan

    I too am looking for a tree, but as a screen outside of my dining room window so that I look at something pretty instead of my neighbor’s peeling paint on the outside of his house. Would this tree work?


  4. Hi Susan- Perhaps it could, however they do grow seed pods in summer that fall and may sprout other Redbud trees. There are better ornamental trees- not sure where you are, but I might suggest a Dogwood tree that is a small-to-medium sized tree, and has beautiful flowers in Spring. Plus it makes red berries that the birds love in winter! Sorry for the late post, and thanks for stopping by! :)

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