Afternoon in the Country

May 31st, 2007

The days have varied lately between warm and humid and cooler with rain.  I’ve planted grass seed in bare spots to take advantage of the spring rain.  If it grows without washing away I’ll be surprised, but it has a good start.  The animals love to wander among the grass and trees, and the pond has completed its spring “turnover.”  Previously the pond had a greenish coloration with algae growing with the sunlight.  Now it is becoming very clear and you can see the fish swimming in the shallows.  I’ll try to get a better picture this week to show the water clarity.  These pictures were taken last week before the turnover had completed. Thus far the algae has not been growing very much, and I think the Koi and Grass Carp are helping.  As the days grow hotter we may see more algae, but so far so good. 

The cats run and play wherever we seem to be, and the dogs playfully chase them.  In this picture Sparky ran to a large Oak tree and climbed half way up.  He hung briefly on the tree before dropping to the ground.  The cats love chasing butterflies and birds it seems, but I don’t know about mice or moles.  I would prefer the latter, but they sure enjoy being outdoors during the day.  I have found if we only feed them a little in the morning, then by evening they are more than ready to come indoors for the night, waiting patiently in the garage to be let in for dinner.  When it rains, we don’t let them outside as much, or we would have muddy tracks all over the laundry room.  But they meow and cry to be let outside… they love prowling around the house and garden.  Sparky follows me around half the day while working, and sleeps in the barn during the day when it’s warmer.

 Sparky climbs an oak tree

The pond is a quiet getaway under the shade and light of the afternoon sun.

The pond is a quiet refuge in the afternoon sun

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