Rain in June

June 2nd, 2007

A good few rainy days this week, with a little sun as well.  How do you feel about the rain?  Do you get more done, or less?  Does it matter?  For me I shift “inside” both physically and mentally I think.  With a host of things that always need accomplished, when it rains I simply turn to those things on the inside of the house.  But I can’t say the rain doesn’t affect me, because I know I become more introspective.  In many ways I love it when it rains, and it helps me relax.  But I appreciate the rain we’ve had for the garden and landscape… everything is soaking it up!

These flowers look so nice… like a cottage garden.  We can’t take credit for them however, they came with the house!  We’ve pulled a few weeds and trimmed all around, but I love the contrasts in color.

 Cottage garden flowers in Spring

The pond is a tranquil place when gentle rain falls.  It fills up slowly, and goes down slowly… last year it dropped by almost five feet by late summer.  With all the spring rain, it may keep a higher level this year.

Rain falls gently on the pond


The Shiba Inu loves to prowl around the house… and garden!  I try to keep him out of the garden, but he thinks it’s his place to explore.  He is ready to lose his winter coat… a little shedding the past few weeks, but we expect it to all come out soon.  When it does, it comes in clumps!  He’s a happy fellow, and loves attention.

The Shiba loves to explore outdoors

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