June 4th, 2007

What is it about water that indicates serenity, or peace?  At least for me it does… and helps bring clarity to the day. Perhaps the pond helps bring a sense of balance and harmony in the landscape.  The water has become more clear, at least for now.  The fish are thriving and the aquatic plants are not too abundant to create a nuisance.  Sometimes in the summer heat the plants will grow thick along the shoreline… we’ll have to see if that happens this  year.  But I appreciate the water clarity- if you walk slowly along the bank you can see the fish swimming by. 

The pond™s water has become more clear

 I stood on a stump and threw a small rock into the water.  Soon there were several hungry bass looking to see if their next meal was nearby. 

Several hungry Largemouth Bass look for food

I never tire of seeing reflections in the water, and the changing light and wind around the pond.  Just sitting to appreciate the natural beauty helps renew the spirit.

Beautiful reflection of trees in the pond

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