Life in the Country

June 5th, 2007

Everything is growing!  Including the grass, which I need to cut this week.  We’re keeping busy outside and in, with guests coming next week.  Between graduate school, chores, and landscape care we have a full plate.  But being outside helps balance one’s life indoors.  I think it’s essential to find that balance, wherever one lives.  Life in the country is full and wholesome… the young boy loves to run and play, and doesn’t mind getting dirty.  He finds joy in the simplest things and it reminds me to appreciate them as well.  I really like the Nike expression… “Just Do It!”  That seems to fit here… we make lists and have priorities like anyone else, but I can always think of something that needs done, and one thing leads to another…

Here’s another picture of our “Burt Dow” boat.  The petunias are growing nicely, with a canopy of oak leaves above for dappled sunlight. 

The œBurt Dow boat is blooming with petunias

The dragonflies are abundant now, and cruise along the pond looking for insects.  The Barn Swallows and Flycatchers also cruise along the pond… and sometimes catch the dragonflies!

A dragonfly perched on grass

I don’t know how many different species I’ve seen, but probably more than 10-15!

A beautiful dragonfly

The Concord grapes are doing very well this year.  When the vines grow I keep wrapping them around the arbor.  If there are enough grapes at the end of summer I would like to try making wine!

Concord grapes in late spring

The Yarrow plants have beautiful full heads of yellow.  I did some research and found that Yarrow was used as a plant to help stop bleeding, hence the name’s of NoseBleed and Soldier’s Woundwort. Many other medicinal uses as well… but maybe we’ll just cut and dry them!

Yellow flower heads of Yarrow in spring

The Basset Hound looks back at us for a picture before running home across the pond’s dam.  He’s a good old dog- about 9 years old now.  He’s incredibly healthy and trim, and enjoys wandering around exploring the outdoors.  What a life he leads!

The Basset Hound pauses for a look at the camera before running home


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