Making Hay

June 8th, 2007

The local farmers have been cutting hay this past week.  We let the upper three acre pasture by the road grow, as my folks did, and a family down the road cuts it each year, as well as bout thirty acres next to us.  We don’t need the hay, and it helps us to keep it cut.  Last year there was so little rain that they only took one smaller round bale from the pasture.  This year we’ve had lots of rain in spring, and with a little fertilizer they cut five round bales!  I’m glad it grew so well and the grass is healthy.  It was fun to watch them cut it as well.

Cutting the hay began on Sunday afternoon.  Then it was raked and baled on Tuesday. 

Cutting Hay

Here are two of the five large bales of hay… something about it just looks nice in the field.

Round Hay Bales

The day lilies have been blooming… I really like the orange and yellow ones.

Orange Day Lily row along the driveway

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